Track Record

In this page, you will find all the projects I have worked on, listed from the most recent to the oldest.

Dec 18 – ongoing – Major French Bank

I worked on two projects around big data Hadoop clusters.

In one of them, we created an API in python (Flask, sql alchemy, connexion) to automate the onboarding of big data projects on pre-existing clusters. Through the API, users can declare their project, create hdfs data sets, hive or hbase databases, kafka topics and yarn queues. We use Airflow middleware to orchestrate asynchronous tasks and ansible to interact with clusters.

In the second, we created an API in python (Flask, django ORM, celery, flask restplus) to quickly generate hadoop sandbox clusters so that users can test new versions of stack components or third-party tools on an isolated environment. We also used ansible and tower/awx to generate VMs and celery and redis to line asynchronous tasks.

Jul 16 – Nov 18 – Wind Farm Asset Manager

I worked on many projects in this company. The main are:

Developing business specific modules in Odoo (open-source ERP) in python

Basic administration of AWS servers and RedShift SQL database

Development of a solar level 2 scada software to collect metrics from solar farms and display charts and generate reports for the end users (farm owners). We did this in python (flask, sql alchemy, celery)

Sep 2012 – May 2016 – Manufacturing Execution System

I created this company and had then many tasks. One of them was lead developer. We were writing down an MES software to monitor and predict output in assembly workshops. We also had a quality module that was asking questions to workers on the line depending on where they were and what product they were working on.

The software was written in C# (WPF, entity framework) using SQL Server database

Sep 2008 – Sep 2012 – Freelance developer

I worked on several projects. The major ones are: